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Name: Irene Bou

Age: 20

Pronouns: She/her

Zodiac sign: Cancer

MBTI Personality: INFJ-T

Country of residence: Spain

Occupation/career path: Studying BA in Design (junior year)

Hobbies: Art, music, cooking, coding, watching YT, personal archiving (aka this website)

Why I started this website

I have been fascinated with the web since I was a child. Though I was late to the first years of the web, I still remember making dumb little Blogger websites when I was 10 or 11 and sharing them with all of my friends. Over the years, I've become really enamoured with not just the design, but the spirit of the early web, and recently -as of 25/10/2021- chose it as a topic for my first essay in one of my university classes, which led me to learning more about what the internet was like at its dawn.

Even though that essay is what kind of lit the spark, what led me to actually getting to action and creating my own archiving cyberspace was a website showcased in a Youtube video called "Michaelsoft Binbows is NOT what you think it is" (amazing video btw, watch it if you haven't) by the channel Nick Robinson, whom I had recently started following. The website shown is called ALF's Room, ran by a japanese man in his fifties -as of the time of writing this- named Adachi Yoshinori. Adachi started ALF's Room in 1996 to document his life, hobbies, and anything and everything that caught his attention. It really, really inspired me, to say the least.

I want to be like Adachi, I want to be that person that's captivated by life's little things, and archive them online for years to come. I don't care if 10 or 10000 people see my website; frankly, I'm only fueled by the thought that I'll always have a personal archive of all my favorite things in life, and one day, I'll look back and will be able to relive all these wonderful memories. The only thing I hope this website can do for other people other than myself, is to inspire them to also be like Adachi; to be insatiably curious, and feel happy from the smallest things life has to offer us all.

Why "Room 77"?

77 is the atomic number of Iridium, a name that one of my long-time friends started calling me for a period of time in highschool ("Iridio" to be exact, since I speak Spanish). It was this weird mutual agreement where we both simultaneously started calling each other elements' names from the periodic table that closely resembled our names.